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We began 2020 hopeful, excited. The dawn of a new decade seemed to promise much. But we were in for a nasty surprise: what seemed like a bad case of the flu in January has now infected almost 2,000,000 people worldwide.

COVID-19 is a threat to the world's healthcare systems, economies, and communities. But with these threats come the opportunity for innovation. We need systems for remote work now more than ever: NGOs need ways to continue their work, and universities can't just stop teaching their students.

The #codeForCorona Virtual Hackathon is here to give you a chance to build something that helps the world in this time of crisis. Spend a weekend competing with other talented people, having fun building something important for the world.

Taking place on the 9-10th of May 2020, #codeForCorona gives you the chance to make something awesome with your friends from the safety of your home. Escape the boredom of social distancing and build tools like Tracetogether that help society.

Over the course of 24 hours, you will explore what innovation in a world threatened by COVID looks like. The things you and your team build will work towards solving the social, medical, and economical issues that we are faced with. At the end of the competition, you’ll have the chance to present your work to highly qualified judges and get their valuable feedback!

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Participants: Students aged 13-24.


Your project must clearly attempt to address a COVID-related problem and the judging criteria (see our Eventbrite page).

You must create a video pitch no longer than 3 minutes (the judges will stop watching after that). 

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Eugene Yeo

Eugene Yeo

Cher Han Lee

Cher Han Lee

Mei Hui Phoon

Mei Hui Phoon

Zhilin Sim

Zhilin Sim

Judging Criteria

  • “Hacker” Criteria (25%)
    Were the appropriate technologies used to solve the problem? (3 pts) Were the technologies used implemented well to solve the problem? (3 pts) Does the solution work as intended from start to finish? (3 pts)
  • “Designer” Criteria (25%)
    Does the UI look professional and/or fun, or is it sloppy? (3 pts) Is the user experience seamless? (3 pts) Does the workflow of the solution make sense; is it intuitive? (3 pts)
  • “COVID” Criteria (25%)
    Does this project solve a real problem faced by people in a world with COVID-19? (3 pts) How was the quality of the pitch? (3 pts) Is this project one that the government’s COVID-related efforts can support?
  • “Idea” Criteria (25%)
    Was the idea behind the app ambitious and creative? (3pts) Do you believe this will improve the lives of the people of the future? (3pts) How much potential does this idea have to grow? (3 pts)

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